Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars; I could really use a wish right now...

Life has been a bit crazy and hectic lately! I will save those reasons for another post, but I'm grateful for little weekend getaways to see amazing and wonderful friends who make everything better :)

This past weekend I hopped in my car and drove down to Destin to see Mary!! I really needed a little break from work and such, and even thought I was sad to leave Jacob for the weekend, I needed me some Mary time. I love that they live closer now - even though I know they miss being near family. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, shopping, going to the beach, and hanging out some more. Mary and Cam seriously are the sweetest people and have some of the cutest kids! I had so much fun being with all of them. I miss her already and can't wait to go back and see her again!! Sadly, I don't have any pictures...but check out her blog to see just how cute their family is. I'm grateful for their hospitality and friendship. Mary has been such an amazing friend for so long, I just don't know what I'd do without her. I love you!!

Making the drive by myself wasn't to bad. I like driving and just listening to music - it relaxes me most of the time. I did great on the way down there and I made great time! I even bonded with Google Maps on the iPhone. (For those of you who don't know how much I usually don't like that app, this bonding experience was a HUGE step for me!) Well, on the way home it failed me. Once you load the directions, it doesn't matter if you have service or not you can still navigate the directions just fine. That's how I made it to Destin in one piece. Plus, I had printed out directions for the way there, just in case. I went home a different route than I came (mistake)! So, I was driving through a no service area on the way back, and something happened and I lost my directions! I couldn't even get the map to load! I tried to remain calm and not panic...I kept thinking that I will hit service soon and my map will come back. I had no idea where I was and I was fairly certain I had missed my turn. I finally pulled over when I had service and tried everything I could do to get my map back! When I tried to restart my phone, it would just freeze up for a while. Finally I called Jacob. I tried to be calm, but I'm pretty sure I was mildly freaking out. I couldn't have him get me directions because I didn't even know where I was. He told me of another way I could force my phone to shut off (I'm pretty sure if I hadn't been so flustered I would have thought of it eventually....maybe..) and once I did that, everything reloaded. I wasn't to far off the beaten path, but boy do I never want to rely on Google Maps again! (just the app, I still think they give the best directions from point A to point B). It made me further my desire to own a GPS. I don't travel far distances that often, but when I do I want to know I can make it home, and not be stuck in the middle of nowhere Alabama :)

**Mary posted a picture of us before we went to church on Sunday! I thought I'd post it too - I'm such a copy cat!