Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And there will always be a part of me nobody else is ever gonna see butyou and me, my little girl

Let's play catch up - in photo form! It's almost time for a "my baby is a one year old" post, but since I still have a few weeks, I figure I will share some random pics from months 10 and 11 :)

Things change with her all the time, but one of the constants is her love for Bowser. She loves to stand at the back door and watch him run around - she yells and hits the window and eggs him on. It's cute. She pulls herself up on everything and walks along things as long as she can hold on. She will babble your ear off all day long and yells at the top of her impressive little lungs. She smiles a lot and still loves her daddy more than anything. She has a stubborn streak in her that she come by very honestly. I love watching her figure new things out every day!

Anyways, enough rambling! Now for some random pictures...

Baby and Puppy Prison!

Watching Bowser play outside

She got super excited when Bowser came running back with his Frisbee. 

Sitting on Daddy's lap at church - I love how she crosses her ankles!!

Just being cute!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

There was a farmer who had a dog and Bowser was his name-o....

Savannah and Bowser are the dynamic duo these days. We couldn't be more grateful that we picked Bowser - he is so good with Savannah! He puts up with a lot - she pulls him, hits him and tugs on his ears and tail, and he will just lick her face. He does, on occasion try to avoid her, but she can't stand that so she army crawls around following him until he pays attention to her. She has even started to crawl on top of him when he's laying on the floor, and he won't get up until she's safely off of him. They are so cute together! I don't think these pictures will do it justice, but I'll post them anyways. I have more of these on our computer, but you get the idea!

I love how excited she gets when she sees him, how hard she laughs at him when he's running around after his ball and I love how gentle Bowser is with her. My biggest complaint would have to be the kisses - she LOVES it when he licks her, and it's kind of gross. Oh well!

It was a bash...it was a boxer bash!!

So a week or two ago, we decided to take Bowser to the dog park. The Atlanta Boxer Rescue, who I do volunteer work for on occasion, has this monthly doggie play groups called the Boxer Bash. We've never taken Bowser before, so we thought we'd give it a try. Turns out - he loved it!! He was very well behaved too. At first he was skittish and shy, but after awhile he was running around with all of them! I only had my phone, so I didn't get great shots, but here are a few! You can see how worn out he was by the end :) We will definitely be taking him again this month!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

If you say your goodbyes and hello to blue skies, Sendin' a postcard from your Pacific Coast eyes

Savannah is officially pulling herself up on EVERYTHING! It's crazy - it just started happening so fast. This is fun to watch, because it makes her incredibly happy. However, it also leads to some cuts and bruises... Poor kid! My favorite is when she tries to do it with a toy in her hand. She's a very stubborn girl and when she falls down, she cries for a second and is at it again. It's cute to have her standing on her crib sand waving excitedly to see you when I go in to get her up! Here's a few pics of her doing her thing :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We are holding hands in the rain, saying words like I love you; Do you love me? Yeah

So I've just discovered that blogger has an app! Now I can blog from my phone. This may actually perfect, since I never seem focus when I'm at a computer. We will see how this goes!

I have lots of updates to talk about, but for now I will just leave you with some pictures and a brief update of my 9 month old! Crazy, huh?!

Savannah is 19 pounds and 28.5 inches long. She has a great mischievous face, as seen below, and is getting into everything. She army crawls, waves, babbles ma ma ma and da da da, and LOVES playing with other kids. In fact, she went to a nursery a week or two ago while I shopped a consignment sale and they had to put her in the 12 to 24 month room because she wasnt happy until they let her play with the big kids! She also is pulling herself up to a standing position. We come in to get her out of her crib and she will stand there and wave at us.

Bowser is still her favorite, but those stories/pictures/video deserve their own post. All I can say is that Bowser is the sweetest dog ever!! He puts up with a lot and still loves that little girl a whole lot.

We've had a fun summer and I hope to post about some of the stuff we have done soon!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

Savannah is getting bigger and more fun every day! She loves to smile and has discovered this insanely high pitched scream that she LOVES to do all the time (I, on the other hand, am not such a huge fan...) She rolls onto her tummy from her back, and as of this week can go from her tummy to her back. This is a huge accomplishment, because now she doesn't wake up screaming because she's stuck! She can flip herself over instead of crying for us to come do it for her. She now picks up everything she sees (including cell phones) and puts them straight into her mouth. Once she's a little more mobile, I'm really going to have to watch what's on the floors - especially dog toys and dog food. Oh, and little girl LOVES to be outside. That should make for a fun summer!

Savannah is such a daddy's girl. It's really adorable. Whenever he comes around, she gets so excited - she breaks out in this huge grin and flails excitedly around. When she gets really upset, I can hold her forever and she keeps on screaming. Daddy takes her and she calms down (most of the time...) I love the bond that those two already have. I think it's so sweet! I also love the way Jacob gets so excited to see her. He just lights up and can't stop talking about how wonderful our little girl is. I really treasure that! I'm going to copy a quote he put up on Facebook a few weeks ago:
This baby is like a sickness. When she was born I was able to be somewhat objective. Now I have no idea what she's actually like or how she actually looks because she just seems pretty much perfect to me. It's like one of those movies where the main character knows he's hallucinating but it's so hard to keep a hold of what's real.

She also started solid foods this week! She doesn't really like the rice cereal, but each time I feed her she eats a few more bites. She also isn't sure about the sippy cup. She just wants to chew on it. But she does pick it up and pull it to her mouth, so that's a good start. She is changing on a daily basis and sometimes I feel like I can't keep up! It happens so fast. But the bigger she gets, the happier she gets because she can actually do things. That makes everyone happy! At her 4 month weigh in she was 15 pounds even and 25 inches long. That was at the beginning of April, so who knows how big she actually is now! I had to pack up all her 6 month clothes a few weeks ago and get all her 9 month stuff ready. That happened fast! I'm hoping she slows down a little now...

Finally, Savannah is in love with Bowser! She can't get enough of him licking her, laying next to her or playing around her. She doesn't really laugh on a regular basis, but Bowser playing with her or around her will cause a lot of those adorable giggles. She loves to watch him and pet him. He just eats up the new attention. She pokes his eye or pulls on his face and he just wags his tail and gives her kisses. It's so sweet. I love watching those two interact.