Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can't you see, what it is you mean to me; Everything is peachy keen when you're by my side.

Can you believe this girl is already 16 months?! I sure can't. She looks like a toddler, and hasn't looked like my little baby for quite some time. She is always on the move and loves to explore. I can let her go out in the back yard and she run forever. She also stops a lot to pick up Bowsers toys and "throw" them for him, or pick a flower or any other thing she can come up with! Oh, and she loves to swing. Loves it. She just loves being outside.

Her and Bowser continue to be best friends. He is still the most patient dog and has this unconditional patience and love for her and I couldn't be more grateful. I love him and am so glad that he loves kids! I am pretty sure he also loves having company out in the backyard all the time too :)

She's also incredibly fearless. She loves to climb on anything and everything. In fact, if you don't watch her carefully, you can leave the room and come back in to have her sitting on the kitchen table. She also has become a full on toddler. We had one of those days where she just got into everything! She came in covered in dog poo (so gross!! I'm glad that isn't something that is a regular occurrence - just the one time.) The she got ahold of a pepper shaker (see picture below.... so much pepper everywhere! She loved to shake it and watch it fly everywhere. It was cute... but super messy.) There were also some incidents with some mud as well as climbing in her toy box and throwing out all the toys. Which I had just recently picked up. But hey, that's life with Savannah, and it keeps things interesting! 

Some of her favorite things: Her white stuffed puppy. She carries it around with her everywhere. She tries to share her milk with it, she hugs him and "sings" to him. She pushes him in the swing. It's adorable. She loves to sing. She walks around and just sings. I love that she does that. She loves dancing to. Pretty much anything related to music she digs. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, toys that she can push around that make noise, bath time, and shoes. She loves to have her shoes put on her, or to carry around our shoes. She also loves emptying out purses or diaper bags. 

She also has a lot of words she can say. It's crazy to her her tell me something that she wants and use the words for it! Some of her words are shoes, turkey, wa-wa, baby, mommy, daddy, bubba (Bowser), nigh-night, hello, bottle, cheese and bath. She says mmmm when she eats something she really likes and ohhhhh when she sees something that gets her excited. 

Oh, and I wanted to tell a quick story about the picture in the top of the post. She's sitting in a rocking chair that my grandpa's uncle made him when he was a boy. He passed it down to my mom, and my mom passed it to me, and now it's Savannah's. She looked so sweet in her Easter dress sitting in the chair, and spent a lot of time figuring out how to make it rock. It's so special that she can have a piece of my grandpa with her. He passed away when I was pretty young, but I have such special and fond memories of him. Very vidid memories of things we did and of spending time with him. I like that she will have something in her life that will make her think of her great grandfather and want to hear stories about him and the love he had for his family. I'm a sucker for family heirlooms because of the history behind them, as well as the memories that correlate with them.

Anyways, hopefully my next post will be typed up on our main computer so I can have some better pics of Savannah. These are all from my phone.