Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the real world she said to me...

Oh my goodness - I'm a terrible blogger!! So much has happened on top of the holidays, we have just been going and going! Since my last post, a lot has changed. The month of November was a blur for me. That last month pf pregnancy was a lot harder than I anticipated. I also didn't realize how huge I was! I saw a picture of me from the day before the little one was born and holy crap! Oh well, it happens.


So, I guess I should introduce the newest addition to our family!

Savannah Lea
December 2, 2010

My due date was December 10, so she arrived a little early, but I was very much ok with that. Here's the story (it's not that exciting...) I went to my 39 week appointment knowing that they thought my baby was big. We were scheduled to do an ultrasound that day to see about how big she was, and decide what the course of action should be. Well, based on the ultrasound, they thought she was about 10.1 pounds. My doctor was very open and upfront with us about our different options. Given all of the circumstances, we decided that going in for a scheduled c section was out best option. There were multiple reasons for that, and it's what we felt good about. Plus, if my delivery was going to end in a c section anyways (chances are it would) I didn't want to labor all day first. I trust my doctor (he's one of the best doctors I have ever been to...and I usually don't like or trust doctors) and so we scheduled the procedure for December 2 at 10 a.m. I won't lie - I was terrified. I did not want a c-section, but I knew it was the best option for my circumstances and what was overall safest for Savannah to have a healthy delivery. I have only been to the hospital one time in my life (when I passed some kidney stones a few years ago) so I had no idea what to expect. Overall, everything went great and she came and was healthy! I had some issues when they were giving me the epidural (oh my goodness it was awful...) but once I was drugged up things were fine and I felt no pain until I was recovering! Jacob was a rock star through the whole thing too - I'm so grateful for him. I really don't know how I would have done it without him. He kept me calm through all my anxiety and freak outs, and once Savannah arrived he was a rock star dad! Other than feeding her, I was pretty useless and he jumped right in and changed diapers, held her, swaddled her, and really took care of anything else she or I needed. Amazing!

Savannah delieverd at 8.9 pounds and 20 inches. Not as big as they feared, but still fairly large. She screamed so loud for a while after she came out, very reassuring and overwhelming at the same time! I was so glad to hear that cry, and then it hit me that I will be hearing that cry for a long time to come and I get to figure out what each of her cries mean! Once she was cleaned up, they brought her over to me for a bit to see her before Jacob and Savannah left to go get her set up while I recovered for a bit. It was so cute to be wheeled into the baby recovery area and to see Jacob sitting there holding our pretty girl. I was scared to hold her at first because I still had some bad shakes from the epidural. But I held her and it was crazy weird to know she was my little girl! But it was very awesome moment that I got to share with Jacob.

We had lots of family and friends come and see us at the hospital - we are blessed to have so many amazing people who live so close to us! Everyone has been so helpful and wonderful while we were at the hospital and since we have been home. I don't know how we will ever be able to thank every one enough, but I will keep trying to think of something!

Here are some shots from the hospital - so many proud grandparents, great grandparents and my brother is one heck of a proud uncle :)

And here are some more shots of our sweet girl over her first month with us! I can't believe she's already a month old. She's been a great little addition to our family! Even Bowser is taking to her pretty well (other than some mild depression over the fact that he's no longer the center of attention, he does so well with her!! It's adorable!!)

Oh, and the professional pictures are all courtesy of my amazing best friend Heather!! They are all mixed in together, so I apologize for that... She got more cute ones of her that I will post later, along with some pretty family pictures of us too. I'm so blessed.

That's enough for now... hopefully I can get on the ball and blog more! I have more pictures to share of some of Savannah's other "Aunt's and Uncle's" too! She's so blessed. I guess we will see if that happens or not though, . I don't know how you mothers keep up with a blog - especially ones with multiple kids! You are amazing :)

Happy 2011!!