Thursday, May 19, 2011

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

Savannah is getting bigger and more fun every day! She loves to smile and has discovered this insanely high pitched scream that she LOVES to do all the time (I, on the other hand, am not such a huge fan...) She rolls onto her tummy from her back, and as of this week can go from her tummy to her back. This is a huge accomplishment, because now she doesn't wake up screaming because she's stuck! She can flip herself over instead of crying for us to come do it for her. She now picks up everything she sees (including cell phones) and puts them straight into her mouth. Once she's a little more mobile, I'm really going to have to watch what's on the floors - especially dog toys and dog food. Oh, and little girl LOVES to be outside. That should make for a fun summer!

Savannah is such a daddy's girl. It's really adorable. Whenever he comes around, she gets so excited - she breaks out in this huge grin and flails excitedly around. When she gets really upset, I can hold her forever and she keeps on screaming. Daddy takes her and she calms down (most of the time...) I love the bond that those two already have. I think it's so sweet! I also love the way Jacob gets so excited to see her. He just lights up and can't stop talking about how wonderful our little girl is. I really treasure that! I'm going to copy a quote he put up on Facebook a few weeks ago:
This baby is like a sickness. When she was born I was able to be somewhat objective. Now I have no idea what she's actually like or how she actually looks because she just seems pretty much perfect to me. It's like one of those movies where the main character knows he's hallucinating but it's so hard to keep a hold of what's real.

She also started solid foods this week! She doesn't really like the rice cereal, but each time I feed her she eats a few more bites. She also isn't sure about the sippy cup. She just wants to chew on it. But she does pick it up and pull it to her mouth, so that's a good start. She is changing on a daily basis and sometimes I feel like I can't keep up! It happens so fast. But the bigger she gets, the happier she gets because she can actually do things. That makes everyone happy! At her 4 month weigh in she was 15 pounds even and 25 inches long. That was at the beginning of April, so who knows how big she actually is now! I had to pack up all her 6 month clothes a few weeks ago and get all her 9 month stuff ready. That happened fast! I'm hoping she slows down a little now...

Finally, Savannah is in love with Bowser! She can't get enough of him licking her, laying next to her or playing around her. She doesn't really laugh on a regular basis, but Bowser playing with her or around her will cause a lot of those adorable giggles. She loves to watch him and pet him. He just eats up the new attention. She pokes his eye or pulls on his face and he just wags his tail and gives her kisses. It's so sweet. I love watching those two interact.

Terry's, Terry's quite contrary, how does your garden grow??

I think I'm just not cut out to be a good blogger anymore. I am always thinking of things I should post about, but sitting down to actually post them is a whole different story! So, I'm just going to break things down!

To start off with - our garden and back yard! I know I tend to mention things we do around our house and then say I will post pictures later, and it turns out I'm a liar! I never go back to post pictures. Oh well. But today I actually have pictures to post! YAY!

So we planted our garden this year and so far it's growing really well! We planted lots of stuff like spinach, tomatoes, peppers (lots of different kinds), radishes (yuck!), carrots, pole beans and cucumbers. I've probably left something out, but you get the gist. Lots of stuff! We planted it one Sunday in April, and with Jacob's parents help, we got it all done! Joel even built the nice little wall around it! He's super awesome like that.

And this is what is looks like today! It's doing pretty well. As you can tell, we still have some weeding and things we need to do, but overall it's going much better than it did last year. Sweet!

Jacob and his dad have also built a retaining wall and are going to be putting in a deck soon, so we will have lots more to show of our back yard by the end of the summer! For now though, I will just stick to the garden.