Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You are my fire, the one desire. Believe when I say, I want it that way...

Well, this is the little one on her 3 month mark - I really should do cuter pictures, but for some reason I always forget. Silly me! She's a pretty big baby, but carries it well. She goes in for her four month check up next week, but last time I had her weighted (at a week or so before her 3 month mark) she was 13 pounds 3 ounces. So, I'm thinking she is at least 14 pounds, probably more and she is quite long too! She doesn't get that height from me! But because she is so big, we have gotten to start putting her in her Bumbo and her activity center, which she loves. She's got a really strong neck, and is keeping it steady about 90% of the time. It's getting better every day!

Two of her favorite things right now would have to be bath time and the song "I Want It That Way" (she is her mothers daughter....) She LOVES to splash in the bathtub and will stay in there as long as we let her! It's so cute and fun to see her so happy to just be in the water!! That means she will love going to the pool this summer - SCORE! As for the song choice, it's hilarious to me - I have no idea why (I did not listen to it when I was pregnant or anything) but she will be so mad and screaming and crying, and when I put that song on, she quiets right up! It has a 90% accuracy rate. It was an accidental discovery, but the more I test the theory, the more it seems to work! She's so funny!

Sleeping on Daddy at church

Looking cute to meet Brandy for lunch :)

We also took her on her first cabin trip! We go up to this fantastic cabin a few times a year with a great group of friends and it's so much fun. A great relaxing weekend. The weather was great so we got to take a walk, go down to the river and hang out in the sun on the porch. I already can't wait to go back! Savannah did pretty dang well, and we discovered that she LOVES to be outside. If she's fussy, we can take her out and she quiets up. She loves the sun and the breeze, so her and Jacob napped together out there for a little while :) Heather got some cute pics of her while we were up there, so I thought I'd post them too! She's also got some good stories from the weekend, along with more pics on her blog!

Other than that, we have been busy, but nothing terribly exciting. I'm still learning so much every day about being a mom...I can see that the learning never will stop. Savannah is a fun little girl and we love having her in our lives! She can be stressful too - she is very determined to get what she wants and she has a bit of a temper, but then she starts smiling and it makes the stress melt away. I know that she will be happier when she's a little bigger and can actually play and do things, but until then we will keep on figuring it out as we go!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've got suds in the bucket and the clothes hanging out on the line...

This is what our backyard looked like last night during the crazy storm.

This is what came bounding into our house this morning after being let out to use the bathroom...

He was out there for like 3 minutes - sheesh :)