Saturday, October 1, 2011

There was a farmer who had a dog and Bowser was his name-o....

Savannah and Bowser are the dynamic duo these days. We couldn't be more grateful that we picked Bowser - he is so good with Savannah! He puts up with a lot - she pulls him, hits him and tugs on his ears and tail, and he will just lick her face. He does, on occasion try to avoid her, but she can't stand that so she army crawls around following him until he pays attention to her. She has even started to crawl on top of him when he's laying on the floor, and he won't get up until she's safely off of him. They are so cute together! I don't think these pictures will do it justice, but I'll post them anyways. I have more of these on our computer, but you get the idea!

I love how excited she gets when she sees him, how hard she laughs at him when he's running around after his ball and I love how gentle Bowser is with her. My biggest complaint would have to be the kisses - she LOVES it when he licks her, and it's kind of gross. Oh well!

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