Sunday, September 11, 2011

We are holding hands in the rain, saying words like I love you; Do you love me? Yeah

So I've just discovered that blogger has an app! Now I can blog from my phone. This may actually perfect, since I never seem focus when I'm at a computer. We will see how this goes!

I have lots of updates to talk about, but for now I will just leave you with some pictures and a brief update of my 9 month old! Crazy, huh?!

Savannah is 19 pounds and 28.5 inches long. She has a great mischievous face, as seen below, and is getting into everything. She army crawls, waves, babbles ma ma ma and da da da, and LOVES playing with other kids. In fact, she went to a nursery a week or two ago while I shopped a consignment sale and they had to put her in the 12 to 24 month room because she wasnt happy until they let her play with the big kids! She also is pulling herself up to a standing position. We come in to get her out of her crib and she will stand there and wave at us.

Bowser is still her favorite, but those stories/pictures/video deserve their own post. All I can say is that Bowser is the sweetest dog ever!! He puts up with a lot and still loves that little girl a whole lot.

We've had a fun summer and I hope to post about some of the stuff we have done soon!


Genevieve Jones said...

Sweet! :) Great pics, hun!

Cam and Mary said...

I hope to see many more posts from you now! She is so cute! 9 months, really?!