Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's a lot like Mayberry, but without that catchy theme song to whistle in my head.

I'm a nerd. For so many reasons, but #465 is my love of Archie Comic books. I have been reading them since...well, since I learned how to read. I have copies of comics from the 1950's all the way up to the issues that are out at Publix today! It's a guilty pleasure, one that I have no intention of giving up anytime soon. They may not be as cool as Spider-man or Batman, but they make me happy.

While I was reading CNN this morning, I came across this article. I was surprised, because usually Archie doesn't make headlines - I think it's because he's not real, but that's just a guess... :) - and it said that he is finally getting married and he's going to propose to Veronica!!! BOO!!!!! Ever since my first issue, I thought that Archie would end up with Betty, and to learn otherwise is devastating! I went to the Archie Blog (I'm super passionate about this...and may regret blogging about it after it's posted, but whatever...we all have our things!) And it looks like it's true...He is going to ask Veronica. Let's hope something happens in the next 6 issues that make him change his mind!!! I guess I won't know more until it hits newsstands on September 8, 2009.

This news takes away from my original post, about how overrated I think Rob Pattinson is. I mean seriously....did you see Twilight?! Worst movie ever (the books were good, I loved them)...yet somehow America overlooked the suckiness of that movie and catapulted him to fame. I'm not saying I don't like him - he's charming, handsome and has a lot of potiental....but Twilight is not a good reason to get all this attention. I thought he was great in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Good looks will get you anywhere, I guess. He's freaking everywhere!!! Ok, I'm ready...beat me up for that.

Ohhh, Harry Potter. I can't wait for The Half Blood Prince to be out - reason #25 that I am nerd.


The Smith's said...

I love you just the way you are! And again, happy birthday!

Katie said...

I completely agree about Twilight. Honestly, it couldn't even keep my attention when I watched it - I spent more time cleaning the house than watching the movie! Happy birthday!!

Jacob said...

Twilight WAS a terrible movie. The only thing that made it watchable was Pattinson's hair.

Rachel Quesada said...

Wow - I thought Twilight was really fantastic. Bella's performance was spot-on, and the whole feel of the movie was more youthful than I expected, but then when I thought about it, it is about high-schoolers, not twenty-somethings.

Watching it made me feel like a giddy 16-year-old with completely unrealistic expectations of love and romance (just like the books, did!)

Supershepherds said...

You are so not a nerd. It is because of your passions such as these that you truly are one of my favorite people.

I would vote for Betty too and I think there were better options for the part of Edward...not that it would have improved the overdramatization throughout the entire film, but still.

Emily Tayman said...

So let me get this straight. Loving Archie is reason 465 that you are a nerd. You've been reading it forever and it's been out forever.... and yet Harry Potter is #25. How did it jump ship and get an earlier number?

and my husband now wants you to check out

Love you:)

katie k said...

WEll, I saw this headline too and thought the same thing. REally Archie? Veronica? She is nasty/mean/conceited/spoiled! I haven't read these in years, but my sister used to be obsessed and I would always read them after she got each one.

Twilight: worst book ever (I couldn't get past the first one and I only read it because i liked the movie, though BELLA's personality/acting in it drove me insane. little did I know she was even more annoying in the book!) so sorry.. I can't agree on this point.

Heidi Janer said...

Oh my word, you are hilarious and I love you to pieces. Your pictures are darling. You my dear are darling. Miss you.