Monday, June 11, 2012

So take care what you wish for, it may come true. But that September sky, how it whispered, "I love you."

Life has been good, and life has been busy lately! I feel like I am way behind in so many areas, and that I'm barely keeping up with the rest of them. I feel like a shift in priorities might be on it's way soon, because I feel like I'm on auto pilot and missing out on a lot of the little things that life has to offer, or that are so important. I think a lot of those feelings come from turning 30. I was pretty surprised with how strongly I felt about turning 30. I thought I might be down for a bit, and I was, but I was really not excited about having a birthday at all. I kinda wanted to just ignore it. But it was just another day and I have very sweet friends and family who made it special, and that makes me a very lucky girl.

A few weeks ago (almost a month at this point) I got to go to Dallas, TX to visit one of my favorite people, Andrea! I definitely do not get to see her enough, and I really miss her. This was the first time I have gotten to go and see her, and I had such a fantastic time! She is a really amazing person, and I am grateful that we have been friends for so long. I used to live in Dallas, so it was really fun to be able to drive by my old houses and some of my old schools. We also went to The 6th Floor, a museum all about JFK's assassination and the events before and after it. When we lived there and family would come to visit, my dad always wanted to take people there, so I went there a ton as a kid. It was a lot more interesting as an adult to take the tour! We also ate at Snuffer's, the best burger place I have ever eaten at. It was JUST as good as I remembered it. It was so nice to have a weekend with her, and see where she lives, works and those kinds of things. I'm grateful Jacob hung out with Savannah while I was gone. It was kinda hard to come home and not have her to hang out with! I love our friendship and how we can just pick up where we leave off, and it feels like we never miss a beat. I can't wait for our next visit!! 

We didn't take a ton of pictures, but here is one of us, even though my face is chopped off :)

We also went up to Helen, GA with friends for Memorial Day weekend and up to Blue Ridge, GA this last weekend with some families in our ward. We never travel, so this has been quite a busy month! I haven't been to Blue Ridge in so long, and it was such a beautiful place. It was also great to get to know people in our ward better! I don't always feel very social when it come to play groups and other activities at church, so I loved getting to know some great people even better.We went blueberry picking with another family and I loved it. I can't wait to go back and pick some apples in the fall! We also went and played at the river on Saturday afternoon. Savannah loves the water, and she loves her daddy, so she had the best of both worlds that afternoon! She is such a daddy's girl :)

She kept pointing out at the mountains and saying "Woah!"

She loved the tractor at Mercier Orchard

Playing with daddy at the river

The river was cold, but beautiful

The view from the deck off our room
Good times!

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