Monday, February 21, 2011

This phase is gonna fly by, so baby just hold on, ‘cause it won't be like this for long

So, Savannah is now two and a half months old. She is officially sleeping in her own room, and she is in the 90th percentile with weight. At her last check up, she was 12 pounds 11 ounces and 23.5 inches long! She has adorable cheeks and a nice round tummy - haha! She has learned to smile now, which is a lot of fun and she makes all kinds of sounds that aren't crying. It's pretty cute! She is also tired of being so young - she is ready to be sitting up and moving around with the rest of the big kids. She is almost ready to be put in her activity center or to sit in her Bumbo, but I want her head control to be a little stronger before I let her loose.

She's overall a sweet baby, but we discovered that she has reflux, which explains a lot of her fussiness. We are going back to the doctor today to see how she is doing and to see if there might be a better medicine for her. She's had her first cold and I think some sort of bug - there has been some excessive throwing up the last few days! Poor girl. But she still smiles and wants to snuggle, so she's not doing to bad.

So, I have a hodgepodge of pictures of her - the first one is the day she turned two months. The rest are random but funny or adorable and I thought I would share!

She's our little monkey.

Snow day!

She found her thumb!

Her first play date with Kendall - Cari's little girl. Cari is one of my closest friends from high school.

The dress she wore on the day of her blessing. My mother in law made it for her - it was beautiful and perfect!!


Em T said...

My little girl was always like that, too. She almost seemed offended if we tried to support her neck... She very quickly took to the bumbo.

I love the blessing dress. So, so cute!

Brittany and Eric said...

I love the pictures of Savannah and Bowser! That is seriously so precious. Eric's family just got a Boxer from a rescue in AZ and they LOVE her. She has really bonded with Eric's 5 year old brother. Kinda makes me want one... someday :) Savannah is getting cuter by the second! I wish I could have been there for her blessing. She looked like a little princess. See you tomorrow at Britt's!

Master P said...

What a doll!!! Your whole entire family is so photogenic!!! Solei was the same way - she was born mad that she couldn't talk and be understood - although she cleared that up pretty quick :)

Cam and Mary said...

Oh, she is beautiful in her dress! How special! I hope she's feeling better and you get her reflux figured out! (P.S. I emailed you a while ago. Did you get it?)